13 Essential Elements

Vegas Stronger is bringing 13 proven strategies for addressing substance abuse to our underserved population residing in shelters. Vegas Stronger is excited to be able to bring multiple aspects of treatment to vulnerable populations that often don’t have access to a few of these elements. We wanted to share a glimpse into Vegas Stronger pouring love into the community by treating their disease, building their self-confidence, and preparing them for the next steps in their lives.

  1. Medication-Assisted Treatment & Recovery

  2. Counseling & Psychiatric Services

  3. Case Management

  4.  Urinalysis Testing
  5. Primary Medical Care

  6. Housing Support

  7. Spirituality

  8. Peer Recovery Coaching

  9. Recovery Meetings

  10. Self-Care Salon Services

  11. Fitness & Yoga

  12. Nutritional Services

  13. Service to Others