John Stahmer, Board Member

John Stahmer sits on the Board of Directors here at Vegas Stronger and brings an array of expertise both personally and professionally. A native of Wisconsin, Stahmer has lived in many cities spanning the nation, but is proud to now call Las Vegas home. Our Board Member currently serves as the Managing Director of investment banking firm Flat Rock Global, and holds both a Masters Degree in Finance and a J.D. degree. Stahmer is an asset to our Board, and primarily focuses on our Nonprofit Organization’s fundraising efforts, partnerships within the community and outreach events.

John has over two years of sobriety himself and credits rehab and recovery for saving his life. He describes, “I’m now over two years sober. It took me a long time to make the decision, but I finally went all in on getting sober. If you are thinking about it or on the fence I encourage you to take the step. The only thing that changed was everything. If you need help yourself, feel free to reach out.” John Stahmer can be reached at

John Stahmer