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John Seeland



John Seeland serves as the Executive Director and a Founder here at Vegas Stronger, with over thirty-five years in long term recovery.  Prior to this position, Seeland worked for fifteen years in the healthcare sector, and four years as a COO/CEO in Addiction Treatment, while earning an MBA, MHA and JD along the way.

Our Executive Director explains, “Long term, I firmly believe Vegas Stronger holds the keys to success for many among us, who trudge the quagmire at the bottom of today’s socio-economic pyramid.  The most rewarding thing we do on a daily basis is introduce individuals to the positive effects of engaging and applying the energizing social determinants of recovery in their lives.  That is, the 13 Essential Elements of the Vegas Stronger method – building successful futures one day at a time.”

Seeland met CEO & Founder Dave Marlon in the Fall of 2019, and the two formed the dream of Vegas Stronger, “There was no doubt about the direction the rest of my life would take.  Everything that came beforehand was simply in the form of preparation…Vegas Stronger has the potential to provide a path out for every human suffering from the devastation of homelessness, caused by addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.  Each one individually can turn their life around and become a responsible, productive member of society.  But only if we all pull together as a team.”

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