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Addiction Treatments
Primary Cause and Effect of Homelessness are Substance Use Disorders

Substance abuse is frequently the cause of homelessness, which only exacerbates untreated mental health issues, and is a growing concern.  Most statistics reveal that substance abuse is much more common […]

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In The News
Pandemic unleashes a spike in overdose deaths

From Politico: Top Trump administration officials say drug overdose deaths are surging amid the coronavirus pandemic, driven by increased substance use due to anxiety, social isolation and depression. A White […]

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Largest Opioid Drug Case in US History Gets $1.4 Billion

$1,400,000,000 - Was that to pay for the damage done by the thoroughly disgraced Sackler family’s marketing of Oxycontin?  No, their company was Purdue Pharma. This settlement was about abusive […]

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A National Crisis: Fighting the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

More than 130 Americans die every single day from opioid overdose. It's become an epidemic. Individuals and families suffer daily as a result of opioid addiction, which includes prescription painkillers, […]

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