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Vegas Stronger works alongside our community partner CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, to ensure that all of our clients that meet medical necessity, enter a detox program prior to admittance at our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).  This process ensures the best quality of care and offers a solid foundation into recovery and long-term sobriety.  CrossRoads of Southern Nevada is licensed by the State of Nevada and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA).  We also have community partnerships with WestCare Nevada and Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s detox units that are available for our clients.
The detox unit at CrossRoads has a qualified staff of accredited professionals that provide excellent clinical care which comes from the heart, in a warm and caring environment.  This includes detox medications, nourishment, group therapy, 12-Step meetings and 24/7 support. The program swiftly earned the respect of the Southern Nevada community, as the leading Medical Detoxification facility with high success rates.  Here at Vegas Stronger, we accept all humans in need of a detox program, regardless of their socioeconomic or health insurance status.
Our detox program partnerships located across the city allow for all chemical substances to be safely removed from a person’s system. Detox offers stability while also incorporating medical interventions that are designed to make the process as comfortable as it can be, in an environment that allows for patients to initially heal prior to treatment here at Vegas Stronger.  We facilitate transportation to all of our clients to and from all facilities, making the transition as comfortable as possible.
The symptoms that typically accompany the withdrawal process are reduced, so that the beginning of the recovery journey is placed within reach. While in detox, individuals can benefit from being monitored around-the-clock, by detox providers and trained support staff who ensure that their safety and comfort is our top priority. Each and every client who is in our detox program also receives ongoing support from addiction treatment professionals, who offer encouragement as the beginning steps of one’s rehab program are navigated.
After the detoxification process is complete and all substances have been eliminated from an individual’s system, he or she can then seamlessly transition into the therapeutic aspect of programming that we offer here at Vegas Stronger. After successful completion of a detox program, our clients are ready to begin the next phase of recovery and enter our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). 
If you or a loved one needs help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  To learn more about CrossRoads of Southern Nevada’s detox program, access: Information about WestCare Nevada is located at:  Desert Parkway Behaviorial Health’s website can be accessed at:  Additional information about Vegas Stronger and what we provide can be found at: