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Inside Rehab

13 Essential Elements

Why Vegas Stronger for Addressing Homelessness?

Vegas Stronger provides a wide range of mental health and substance abuse treatment services, focusing on wholistic recovery and optimal individualized outcomes. Services at our nonprofit treatment center include but are not limited to: group therapy, individual counseling, peer-to-peer guidance, case management, 12 Step meetings, medication assisted treatment, fitness instruction and nutritional education. Our goal is to help each individual reach their optimal potential and to achieve their goals of improved overall well-being.

We have a full medical staff on site to manage medications and offer the highest quality of care to each and every client we serve.

We cater to each client’s individualized needs, as what works for one does not work for all. Here at Vegas Stronger, we have leading therapists and counselors that tailor each client’s recovery program to their experiences and history.

Getting back on one’s feet is an extremely complex and soul-searching process. Our team is committed to managing that process so that our clients can focus on treatment and long-term sobriety.

We are a 100% abstinence-free based rehab facility, and conduct urinalysis testing on a random regular basis, so that we can all reach the common goal of being clean and sober.

A client’s health is their #1 investment and our top priority. We have an extensive network of doctors and medical staff on-site and on-call, to assist with all medical issues.

Our case management team works alongside our community partners and links our clients to housing, jobs, social services, and additional resources here in Las Vegas.

Recovery is a challenging road that requires guidance and assistance from mentors and peers in the recovery community.

We recommend that each client should work with a Sponsor regarding the Steps.

“Look good feel good” is our Sober Salon’s slogan. We are equipped to give you the freshest cuts, so you can show the world your best both inside and out.

Physical fitness has been proven to help in all aspects of one's physical and mental wellbeing. We offer pro fitness classes taught by a former professional athlete, along with personalized one-on-one sessions and yoga multiple times per week

When breaking bad habits, it is vital to replace them with positive and healthy new ones, that will have a lasting impact on one’s overall well-being and state of mind.

Our Health & Wellness Coach Jo Thomas is a firm believer that getting clean and sober is a multi-step process. We must address the issue as a whole, starting with basic physical exercise & nutrition.
When using and abusing we are DEPLETING our serotonin & dopamine and we all need to learn healthy ways to replace them.

One of the only ways of increasing those is through our gut (nutrition) & physical exertion. At Vegas Stronger, we offer our clients classes, individual sessions, and one-on-one nutritional education.

Our program offers cooking classes, food shopping excursions, how to shop on a budget and more. We are proud to give our clients actual life skills, so that they graduate from our program and can live a healthy and happy life.

The 13 Proven Strategies:

  1. Medication-Assisted Treatment & Recovery
  2. Counseling & Psychiatric Services
  3. Case Management
  4.  Urinalysis Testing
  5. Primary Medical Care
  6. Housing Support
  7. Spirituality
  8. Peer Recovery Coaching
  9. Recovery Meetings
  10. Self-Care Salon Services
  11. Fitness & Yoga
  12. Nutritional Services
  13. Service to Others seal
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