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Definition of Recovery: A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Vegas Stronger™ brings 13 proven strategies for addressing substance abuse to our underserved population residing in shelters. Our Nonprofit is excited to be able to bring multiple aspects of treatment to vulnerable populations that often don’t have access to a few of these elements.

Through the collaboration with our community partners, Vegas Stronger™ orchestrates a comprehensive network that integrates medication, therapeutic interventions, case management, housing, vocational training, and a broad spectrum of social services. This integrated approach is designed to significantly mitigate the adverse effects of the opioid and addiction epidemic. By employing data collection and analytical techniques, we meticulously track and monitor the progress of each client across various milestones and performance indicators. This includes assessments such as urinalysis, clinical benchmarks, and advancements in sobriety and job readiness. Our methodical tracking of program results has enabled us to develop an effective model that is primed for growth and can be adapted for broader application at both state and national levels.


Outpatient substance use disorder treatment

The Vegas Stronger™ program is 30 to 90 days of intensive outpatient treatment followed by up to a full year of a combination of counseling and 12-Step meetings during the evenings. We ensure housing and provide employment transition & training to all program participants and will link those clients to crucial social services. Vitamin, nutrition, and fitness support are offered in tandem with the housing, counseling, and employment transition & training services to optimize outcomes.


IOP for Professionals

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) tailored for professionals is an organized treatment plan aimed at offering holistic support and care for individuals navigating mental health or substance use challenges, without compromising their professional duties. This confidential and bespoke program delivers a more intensive level of care compared to standard outpatient therapy, yet it provides the flexibility for participants to reside at their homes and sustain their work engagements.

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Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy

The Vegas Stronger™ Adolescent Program offers group therapy specifically designed for young individuals aged 12 to 20, employing a successful methodology that fosters self-awareness, personal development, and mental health enhancement. The program creates a secure and welcoming environment where adolescents can openly share and bond with fellow peers facing similar challenges. Key benefits of participating in group therapy include\: enhanced peer support, refined problem-solving abilities, improved coping mechanisms, stronger relationships, deeper understanding of one's emotions and behaviors, and better communication skills.

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Starting the Healing Journey with Detox

Embarking on recovery frequently starts with the vital process of detoxification, aimed at completely and securely ridding the body of harmful substances. The necessary steps of drug detoxification and medically supervised withdrawal can bring about a range of symptoms and side effects. Therefore, it is crucial for this process to be managed by medical experts to ensure the individual's safety and comfort. Learn about the extensive detox and medication withdrawal support services provided by Vegas Stronger™, crafted to assist our clients during this foundational stage of recovery.

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Journeying Towards Sobriety with Drug Rehabilitation

The core goal of drug rehabilitation is to halt the consumption or abuse of drugs and substances, address addiction problems, and create a lasting strategy for recovery and a sober life. With a variety of care options, including inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs, drug rehabilitation seeks to thoroughly address the challenges of drug addiction. Explore the diverse drug rehabilitation offerings at Vegas Stronger™, designed to assist each client on their path to recovery.

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Beginning the Recovery Journey with Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation aims to stop the drinking or misuse of alcohol and other substances, deal with dependency issues, and develop a durable plan for recovery and sobriety. Providing a range of care options from inpatient and partial hospitalization to outpatient services, alcohol rehabilitation is designed to tackle alcohol addiction effectively. Discover the wide-ranging alcohol rehabilitation services at Vegas Stronger™, customized to support the recovery needs of every client.

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Guidance and Healing Through Counseling

Counselors specializing in substance abuse are crucial in providing guidance and support to individuals navigating the road to recovery from drug and alcohol dependencies or substance abuse disorders. The diverse therapeutic approaches are key elements of the comprehensive treatment plan, crucial for achieving and maintaining long-term recovery from substance abuse. Explore the wide range of counseling and therapy options at Vegas Stronger™, available to all of our clients.

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Drug Treatment

An individualized treatment plan is needed for people in need of drug treatment for addiction or substance abuse disorder. Learn more about the treatments, therapies, medications, devices, and programs that go into a drug treatment plan.

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Alcohol Treatment

An individualized treatment plan is needed for people in need of alcohol treatment for addiction or substance abuse disorder. Learn more about the treatments, therapies, medications, devices, and programs that go into a drug treatment plan.

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Resources Available for You or Someone Close to You

Browse our collection of articles, watch our informative videos, and much more. Leveraging the expertise of our varied team, we aim to enlighten the community on the most effective methods to tackle the homelessness crisis and employ our thirteen treatment strategies to help our city overcome addiction and mental health challenges.

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