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Mobile Response Team (MRT)

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The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is designed to more immediately and effectively assess and assist individuals experiencing mental health and substance use crises in Las Vegas. 

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How This Helps The Community

The Vegas Stronger location at 916 N Main Street provides instant access to treatment and care 7 days a week. The implementation of the MRT reduces the high utilization of emergency departments, facilitates appropriate care referrals, and provides immediate, comprehensive support through a variety of services including crisis stabilization, coordinated care, intensive case management, peer support, and follow-up treatments.

Las Vegas's emergency departments are increasingly burdened by individuals seeking care for mental health crises and substance use issues that would be more effectively addressed at a lower level of care. The current situation strains limited resources while also failing to offer the specialized care required. The Vegas Stronger MRT addresses this gap by providing on-site evaluations and facilitating more timely access to appropriate levels of care. The strain on resources is mitigated and appropriate evidence-based care is made available to those in need of assistance.

How It Works

The Vegas Stronger MRT is comprised of psychiatric providers, medical and Medication Assisted Treatment providers, master-level clinicians, intensive case managers, and certified peer recovery support specialists. Features include 24/7 support performing on-site evaluations, care level determinations, and discharges to and from various treatment level appropriate settings. The team's ability to coordinate with medical staff, offer crisis mitigation and ensure a continuum of care post-assessment is critical in alleviating the pressures on emergency services.

Expected outcomes include reduced emergency department utilization, improved patient access to specialized care, enhanced overall mental health outcomes and equity in the community. To ensure continuous improvement and efficacy of the MRT program, Vegas Stronger will rigorously track outcomes, adjusting strategies as needed to better serve clients. Outcome tracking will leverage Vegas Stronger's proprietary data collection methodologies alongside established frameworks such as TEDS (Treatment Episode Data Set), NOMS (National Outcome Measures), and GPRA (Government Performance and Results Act) metrics. This comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis will inform program enhancements and support targeted, effective interventions for clients.

The Vegas Stronger Mobile Response Team includes:

• Rapid Response: Immediate on-site evaluation and assistance across Clark County, including emergency departments, psychiatric hospitals, schools, shelters, and various other resources.

• Integrated Care Coordination: Seamless referral and transfer processes to our outpatient facility for crisis mitigation with the goal of providing high quality treatment and ensuring consistent continuity of care at the appropriate level. That will be accomplished through a multidisciplinary team including psychiatric providers, masters level clinicians, intensive case managers, and certified peer recovery support specialists. This team will provide the quickest and best wrap around services for a holistic approach to care. This holistic approach also includes various other evidence-based offerings such as mindfulness training through a licensed yoga practitioner, and fitness training by a licensed fitness trainer in a safety enhanced gym.

• Comprehensive Service Offering: Patients and clients will have access to intensive case management for safety planning including transitional living placement, emergency shelter referrals, medical appointment scheduling, transportation. In addition, a suite of Vegas Stronger's wraparound services will be available, including a safe haven, psychotherapy with evidence-based outcomes, medication management, and specialized programs to assist with the needs of various vulnerable populations. Vegas Stronger is an access point for the Southern Nevada Coordinated Entry project offering housing assessments for single adults, families, and youth experiencing homelessness.

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