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The Golden Ticket is a campaign to educate the community as to the best way to help those experiencing homelessness. It's not what you think...

Many good samaritans regularly feed the homeless. Often we give money to the panhandlers on the corners and in the streets. The Golden Ticket is a program to help our community end this behavior. 

The Golden Ticket connects each person to food and shelter and an array of wrap-around services to solve their problems instead of enabling their unhealthy vagrancy choice. Please give a ticket to panhandlers instead of money or food.


When someone experiencing homelessness receives money, food, or other resources from people outside of those who can offer them both short and longterm solutions, they learn that they have the ability to survive on the streets and that living in their current situation doesn't have to change. 

Although you may have wonderful intentions by giving food or money to someone experiencing homelessness, it dissuades them from accepting help from those who can get them off the streets, treatment for medical and mental health issues, and into housing. 


You can download the Golden Ticket below, or stop by the Vegas Stronger™ office to pick some up! The campaign starts now and ends when we've helped every Las Vegan experiencing homelessness get the resources and help they deserve! Hand out to your friends and loved ones, and instruct them to give it to anyone experiencing homelessness that they see on the street, instead of that $5 or blanket. 

Vegas Stronger™ is open 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday. The Courtyard is open 24/7.

[email protected] or call 702-202-6647 for more information.

Take More Action:

We get it, you want to help! That's awesome - you can volunteer with the Vegas Stronger team or other organizations that are working to END homelessness in Las Vegas. Or you can donate to the efforts of The Courtyard, The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or Vegas Stronger™. 

STOP giving money to panhandlers and instead give them a Golden Ticket.

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