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The Foundation is a 509.a. public charity that receives substantial support in the form of grants and contributions from governmental units, the general public, and other public charities to support Vegas Stronger the 501.c.3.

Our Mission 

Vegas Stronger Foundation was founded exclusively to support and provide funding to Vegas Stronger. Our support includes making direct grants to Vegas Stronger, as well as providing grants or services to individual members in order to receive treatment by Vegas Stronger. These grants may be for the basic needs of individuals struggling with mental illness or substance abuse, as well as for treatment, education, transitional housing, and other charitable purposes.

You can help our mission.

At Vegas Stronger™, we are addressing the big issues in the community, including homelessness and addiction. With your help, we can make a difference for many of our most vulnerable community members.

There are a variety of ways that you can give to Vegas Stronger™, including cash donations, in-kind, annual, recurring, major gifts or planned giving. We have a designated team that can help you decide the best way for you to get involved and make an impact!

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Foundation Leadership

The Vegas Stronger Foundation is led by a team of individuals who have prioritized philanthropy in their every day efforts. We are excited to have Las Vegas community members with a breadth of experience and personal stories that contribute to their work with the foundation in a meaningful wat. 

John Seeland, President

John Seeland is a cofounder of Vegas Stronger and serves as President for the Foundation, with thirty-five years in long-term recovery. Prior, Seeland worked for fifteen years in the healthcare sector, and four years as a COO/CEO in Addiction Treatment, while earning an MBA, MHA and JD along the way.

“Long term, I firmly believe Vegas Stronger holds the keys to success for many among us, who trudge the quagmire at the bottom of today’s socio-economic pyramid. The most rewarding thing we do on a daily basis is introduce individuals to the positive effects of engaging and applying the energizing social determinants of recovery in their lives. That is, the 13 Essential Elements of the Vegas Stronger method – building successful futures one day at a time.”

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Steven Peralta, Secretary

Steven Peralta began his role as President of Nevada Donor Network Foundation in 2019 to lead the organization’s philanthropic and fundraising strategic plan to help expand transplantation services and programs in Nevada. Peralta brings a deep commitment to building partnerships and ensuring that the culture of the foundation aligns with Nevada Donor Network and ensures success in the mission. Raising over $12 million for the Foundation’s efforts in establishing a transplant institute for Nevada.

Peralta holds a Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies at Cornell University’s Healthcare Leadership Program. Since moving to Las Vegas in 2005, he has held leadership positions at Healthcare Preparatory Institute and Academy Medical Equipment.

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John Stahmer, Treasurer

John Stahmer sits on the Board of Directors at Vegas Stronger and brings an array of expertise both personally and professionally. A native of Wisconsin, Stahmer has lived in many cities spanning the nation but is proud to now call Las Vegas home. Our Board Member currently serves as the Managing Director of investment banking firm Flat Rock Global and holds both a Masters Degree in Finance and a J.D. degree. Stahmer is an asset to both the Vegas Stronger  and Foundation Boards and primarily focuses on fundraising efforts, partnerships within the community, and outreach events.

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Jo Thomas, Board Member

Jo Thomas reigns as the Health & Wellness Director for Vegas Stronger clients, alumni, and staff. Thomas is a lifelong athlete, a former Division 1 football player, a professional MMA fighter, and a trainer to professional athletes and celebrities. The sportsman’s expertise is body transformation. Thomas has spent the last decade perfecting a form of High Intensity Interval Training to maximize the benefits of 45 minutes of hard work. He has led countless clients to transformation — all, leading to more confidence, more productivity, and self-love.

Our trainer describes his own recovery journey, “Fitness and training saved my life. I went from alcohol abuse and trouble with the law, to focusing my energy on creating positive change for my clients. My mission is to show people there’s much to love about themselves.”

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Vegas Stronger Foundation 509.a –

Is a public charity which receives substantial support in the form of grants and contributions from governmental units, the general public, and other public charities to support Vegas Stronger the 501.c.3.

Vegas Stronger 501.c.3 -

The alarming increase in substance use disorders in the United States, especially in Las Vegas, calls for a significant change in the substance use recovery process. That's Vegas Stronger was founded 10 years ago (2014). We are a nonprofit outpatient clinic that offers evidence-based treatment to all humans with integrated psychiatry, primary care, mental illness, and substance use disorder treatment. In addition to providing immediate access to treatment (same day assessments) and longer treatment durations – both primary indicators of improved outcomes, we also provide meals and transportation to our clients to eliminate barriers.

Our gym and fitness trainers, nutrition classes, spirituality program, yoga, case management, and robust drug testing all wrapped up in a recovery-oriented system of care makes Vegas Stronger model of care to help our most underserved citizens.

We have a full-time professor tracking our 13 elements and 5 specific outcomes in 6 month and one-year increments and have shown significantly improved rates of well-being, sobriety, employment, and housing.

Vegas Stronger has applied to be a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) to help us continue to transform the recovery process in Las Vegas.

Please visit our offices, two in the Corridor of Hope (737 and 916 North Main Street) for adults and 5426 Vegas Drive for under 18 patients or call us 702-375-6893 or visit

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