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Guest Post: Veteran Benefits by Louie Frias of US Patriot Fund

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Louie Frias, Executive Director & Founder of the US Patriot Fund, a Veteran Foundation. Let’s begin with our Mission Statement: To educate […]

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Thank You, Straumann Group!

Vegas Stronger is proud to be the recipient of several dozen Backpack Kits assembled and donated by the Straumann Group during the annual convention in Las Vegas! We have been […]

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Our First Annual Polar Plunge Event!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our First Annual Polar Plunge Event at Vegas Stronger on January 18, 2024! We had an amazing time with the community, raising […]

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Upcoming Events

October 18, 2023
Community Resource Fair - October 18th
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I <3 Recovery: Vegas Stronger™ Open House

Vegas Stronger™ is hosting an "I <3 Recovery" open house and luncheon for the Las Vegas Community to come to learn about the organization, treatment modalities, and resources, and to […]

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Never Quit Boxing Presents "Fights of Fury"

The 8th annual Fights of Fury event takes place on Saturday, February 4th at 5pm at the Westgate Hotel Resort and Casino. The event will host over 15 bouts, with […]

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11 Steps to Treating Addiction

We outline 11 steps to treating addiction using the Vegas Stronger method. Learn about what's important during addiction treatment and why.

How Vegas Stronger Addresses the Social Condition of Homelessness

Check out Dave Marlon's stance on homelessness & why Vegas Stronger is the solution to help our most vulnerable neighbors.

Why Vegas Stronger for Addressing Homelessness?

Dave Marlon, Recovery Advocate and Social Activist, addresses how Vegas Stronger is solving the social condition of homelessness in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Addressing Homelessness Through Mental Illness and Substance Use Treatment

Dave Marlon of Vegas Stronger speaks about how in order to address the homelessness issue, cities need to start by addressing mental illness and substance use disorders and providing treatment.

Vegas Stronger: Nicole Christie, Community Outreach

Nicole Christie at Vegas Stronger shares about the local partnerships the nonprofit is proud to have in the community that help them better care for Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger: John Seeland, Vice Chair & Board Member

John Seeland, Vice Chair and Board Member of Vegas Stronger shares about the 13 elements of the Vegas Stronger treatment method for Las Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger: Joe Rhodes, Executive Director

Joe Rhodes, Executive Director of Vegas Stronger shares what it takes for Vegas Stronger to thrive in order for the nonprofit to help Las Vegas' homeless get off the streets and treated for addiction.

Vegas Stronger: Dave Marlon, CEO & Co-Founder

Dave Marlon, CEO and Co-Founder shares Vegas Stronger's mission to address the substance abuse, homelessness, and mental health of Las Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger Introduction

We outline 11 steps to treating addiction using the Vegas Stronger method. Learn about what's important during addiction treatment and why.
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Educational Resources

Understanding Harm Reduction: A Vital Approach to Health and Safety

In the landscape of public health and community well-being, the concept of harm reduction has emerged as a beacon of a pragmatic and compassionate approach. Rooted in the belief that […]

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Caring Communities: Supporting Homelessness with Vegas Stronger™'s Assistance Services

Treating homelessness and addiction is not only a matter of providing people with free rehabilitation. To truly thrive, people need the stability that comes from stable housing and security. Those […]

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Taking the Plunge: How Cold Immersion Transforms Mental Wellness at Vegas Stronger™

There are many forms of therapy that can have a tremendous impact on mental wellness. One you might not expect? Taking a plunge into freezing water. But that's exactly the […]

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