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Vegas Stronger Named Addiction Group 2024 Awardee

The Addiction Group named Vegas Stronger as one of the top Addiction Treatment Providers in Las Vegas for 2024. The journey to sobriety is different for everyone, but they all […]

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From Support to Success: Communities Enhancing the Lives of Vulnerable Children

Every child deserves a promising future – sadly, though, not all children start out with access to the same resources and opportunities. Luckily, our communities can do a lot to […]

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Sept à Huit Documentary Clips: Vegas Stronger

Sept À Huit of TF1+ spent a week with Vegas Stronger learning about the unhoused population that lives in the tunnels underneath Las Vegas. Watch these video clips to see […]

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Upcoming Events

April 22, 2024
Spring Downtown Clean-Up

Come join us for the Spring Downtown Clean-up! Volunteers welcome! Please contact Debbie Leavitt for more information: [email protected] or call 702-202-6647.

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October 18, 2023
Community Resource Fair - October 18th
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I <3 Recovery: Vegas Stronger™ Open House

Vegas Stronger™ is hosting an "I <3 Recovery" open house and luncheon for the Las Vegas Community to come to learn about the organization, treatment modalities, and resources, and to […]

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11 Steps to Treating Addiction

We outline 11 steps to treating addiction using the Vegas Stronger method. Learn about what's important during addiction treatment and why.

How Vegas Stronger Addresses the Social Condition of Homelessness

Check out Dave Marlon's stance on homelessness & why Vegas Stronger is the solution to help our most vulnerable neighbors.

Why Vegas Stronger for Addressing Homelessness?

Dave Marlon, Recovery Advocate and Social Activist, addresses how Vegas Stronger is solving the social condition of homelessness in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Addressing Homelessness Through Mental Illness and Substance Use Treatment

Dave Marlon of Vegas Stronger speaks about how in order to address the homelessness issue, cities need to start by addressing mental illness and substance use disorders and providing treatment.

Vegas Stronger: Nicole Christie, Community Outreach

Nicole Christie at Vegas Stronger shares about the local partnerships the nonprofit is proud to have in the community that help them better care for Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger: John Seeland, Vice Chair & Board Member

John Seeland, Vice Chair and Board Member of Vegas Stronger shares about the 13 elements of the Vegas Stronger treatment method for Las Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger: Joe Rhodes, Executive Director

Joe Rhodes, Executive Director of Vegas Stronger shares what it takes for Vegas Stronger to thrive in order for the nonprofit to help Las Vegas' homeless get off the streets and treated for addiction.

Vegas Stronger: Dave Marlon, CEO & Co-Founder

Dave Marlon, CEO and Co-Founder shares Vegas Stronger's mission to address the substance abuse, homelessness, and mental health of Las Vegas' most vulnerable population.

Vegas Stronger Introduction

We outline 11 steps to treating addiction using the Vegas Stronger method. Learn about what's important during addiction treatment and why.
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Educational Resources

Looking for a Treatment Provider for a Substance Use Disorder? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For

If you or someone you care about has a substance use disorder and wants to get better, you’re likely aware that a rehabilitation center (rehab) is where you should go. […]

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Substance Use Disorder Assessment

Our assessment takes less than 3 minutes for you to learn about the severity of your or a loved one's potential substance use disorder. This self-assessment is meant for educational […]

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Guest Post: College Planning Guide for Students with Mental Health Conditions

Written by Higher Education Team, read the original blog here. Enrolling in college as a student with a mental health condition doesn’t need to be overwhelming or intimidating. Students […]

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