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Strength in Connection: Vegas Stronger™'s Peer Recovery Coaching and Community Impact 

Peer recovery coaching is one of the most helpful tools that can ensure individuals battling homelessness and addiction get sober and stay sober. Unfortunately, there is often a scarcity of trained peer support specialists who are willing to go the extra mile to help their peers through their lifelong journey of addiction recovery. 

Fortunately, Vegas Stronger™ is making a difference in the lives of those afflicted by substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and homelessness in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're here to provide a positive community impact, reduce the number of unhoused living on our streets through compassionate care, and help people stay sober - all while holding their hand every step of the way through active peer recovery coaching.

What is Peer Recovery Coaching?

Peer support specialists, or peer support coaches, are often people who are in recovery themselves or who have a close tie with those living in addiction recovery. These coaches have witnessed or undergone for themselves the struggle of maintaining sobriety. They have emerged on the other side successfully and understand how difficult it can be to stay clean and rebuild life post-recovery. 

At Vegas Stronger™, our peer recovery coaches understand what it means to be a pillar in the community, not just for Las Vegas natives, but for everyone who is struggling to maintain sobriety regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, or other factors. We've developed a commitment to high-quality peer support coupled with AA/SA meetings that can help guide those with SUD/AUD in the right direction. One of our 13 essential elements of treatment is peer support services, because we know how effective it can be at helping people maintain a sober lifestyle.

We also know that the only way a community can change for the better is through supporting each other and uplifting those of us who need it most. Our peer recovery coaches do this by providing resources, referrals, and emergency counseling when those in active recovery need it most.

Peer Coaching Vs. Regular Support

Peer support programs aren't new. In fact, recovery coaches have been around since the late '90s, although there have always been people willing to provide guidance and support to loved ones undergoing addiction treatment. Professional recovery coaching, however, is a bit more in-depth than simply being empathetic and supportive. 

In the state of Nevada, all peer support coaches must be properly licensed and have lived experience in recovery or through mental health issues. Lived experience is the key to what makes a peer support specialist so valuable. Instead of seeking care from a therapist or provider who might not understand your struggle, you get to vent real problems and get real advice for real recovery. Peer support coaches provide an extra layer of accountability, inspiration, and support all in one provider.

Peer Support Makes a Difference

Recovery coaching, when combined with treatment for addiction, such as counseling, housing first, and medication-assisted treatment, can make a big difference in long-term sobriety. Studies show that having a recovery coach during treatment can help improve relationships with providers and social supports, increase treatment retention, increase a person's satisfaction with their overall treatment experience, and, most importantly, reduce relapse rates. 

Improved Provider Connection

Our rehab provides a team of providers, including licensed therapists, medical doctors, social workers, and case managers, to help with every step of recovery. However, we know that some clients might feel intimidated or even misjudged by these professionals simply because they have not experienced the same struggles of trying to maintain sobriety or navigating a relapse. 

That's where peer support coaching comes in. Our coaches have walked that same road and understand your struggles, making them more approachable and understanding while still providing professional guidance. 

Treatment Retention

What good is a treatment program if you can't stick with it? Unfortunately, many people drop out of traditional rehab programs, which can significantly impact their chances of long-term recovery. Peer support coaching has been shown to increase treatment retention rates, ensuring that clients receive the full benefits of our program and have a higher chance of success in achieving lasting sobriety. 

Overall Satisfaction

Recovery can be a challenging and emotional journey, and having someone who truly understands and supports you can make all the difference. With peer support coaching, clients have reported higher levels of satisfaction with their overall treatment experience. Knowing that they have someone in their corner who has been there before and successfully made it through to the other side provides a sense of hope and motivation for their own recovery journey. 

Reduced Relapse Rates

Having someone who understands their struggles and can provide guidance and support means our clients have a better chance of avoiding relapses altogether or quickly getting back on track if one does occur. We're fully prepared to tackle the challenges of relapse and help our clients overcome them without derailing their progress. Through help from our peer support recovery coaches, therapy, and community resources, our clients have been able to stay on the path to long-term sobriety. 

Preventing relapse is one of our goals at our Las Vegas rehab center, since relapse can lead to loss of housing, employment, and support networks. Peer support specialists can help keep our valued clients engaged in the recovery process by providing information and resources about relapse triggers, coping strategies, and relapse prevention techniques. They also offer practical assistance with everyday tasks that may prove challenging for someone in early recovery, such as finding housing or employment opportunities. 

From providing transportation to getting in touch with inpatient treatment centers, detox centers, or outpatient programs, our peer support and case management team has you covered.

Continuing Support After Treatment

At our intensive outpatient program in Las Vegas, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process, and our clients need continued support even after treatment. That's why we offer aftercare services, including peer support coaching, to help our clients maintain sobriety. 

Our team of peer support coaches will work with you to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan and provide ongoing support as you navigate through early recovery. We believe that having a strong support network is crucial in maintaining long-term sobriety, and our peer support coaches are here to be a part of that network for you.

Supporting the Recovery Community

Not only do we provide support to individuals seeking treatment, but we also strive to support the larger recovery community. Our rehab center in Las Vegas hosts events and workshops that are open to anyone in the community who is interested in learning more about addiction, recovery, and mental health. We believe that education and awareness are key in breaking down stigma and promoting understanding of these important issues. Our goal is to create a supportive environment for individuals in all stages of recovery, including those who are considering seeking treatment or have loved ones struggling with addiction.

Whether you're in need of resources, transportation, access to housing, or just a supportive community, our case management team is here to help. We understand that the recovery journey looks different for everyone. However, we know that one thing remains the same - the village it takes to sustain long-term recovery. That's why we strive to provide our clients with the resources and connections they need to continue their journey beyond treatment.

Partnering With Las Vegas Community Members

Our commitment to supporting the recovery community extends beyond one-to-one peer support recovery relationships. We also partner with local organizations and businesses that share our mission of promoting wellness and reducing the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health. Through these partnerships, we aim to provide a comprehensive network of support for individuals in the Las Vegas community.

Some of the many partners that share our mission of ending homelessness and addiction in Las Vegas and the surrounding Nevada areas include Goodwill, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Freedom House Sober Living, and Crossroads of Southern Nevada just to name a few. It's with their help and contributions, in addition to our former and current clients, that we continue to move closer to our goal of building a stronger, more connected Las Vegas, and ending homelessness.

Join Our Community Impact

Our goal at Vegas Stronger™ is not just to help individual clients, but also to make a positive impact on the community as a whole. By providing peer support coaching, we're helping educate those in recovery about themselves and their disease, promoting better self-care and a sense of purpose. Those who recover can then carry on this sense of purpose and give back to our Las Vegas community in meaningful ways, including helping others get sober too.

With each person who successfully recovers, the impact on their families, friends, and coworkers is also significant. Together, we can create a more connected and resilient Las Vegas through the strength of connection in peer support coaching. To learn more about our community impact and how you can join us in making a difference, or if you're looking for support in your own recovery journey, please visit our website or call us today at (702) 202-6647.

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