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Tony Carter



Tony Carter serves as a Licensed Mental Health Professional here at Vegas Stronger. As our therapist describes, “My ultimate goal is to save lives. And my biggest achievement has been creating two programs I geared for Veterans which has done just that. I recently joined Vegas Stronger and feel I’ve joined a program with a like-minded goal of saving lives.”

Carter has been able to thrive in the treatment field for over 28 years. He began in the industry at twenty months sober and added, “Someone was crazy enough to hire me and I’ve survived.” The addiction professional loves to learn and has the ability to work well with his team, by addressing crisis or resistance situations. Our therapist thrives on building trust and confidence in his clients, which allows them to open up.

Carter adds, “Some of my strengths are being present, maintaining calm and being reliable. I am open, direct and supportive of my peers.” His favorite hobbies are bowling, refereeing basketball and skeet shooting, and watching Cold Case, The First 48 Hours and Judge Judy. Tony Carter concludes, “Working in the field has been a blessing for me being a recovering addict.”

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