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Vegas Stronger™ is a non-profit organization focused on reducing our city’s homeless population through substance-abuse treatment. Formally founded in 2014, Vegas Stronger began its first Intensive Outpatient Program group in 2019 at 737 N Main Street in downtown Las Vegas.

In 2020, Vegas Stronger™ opened another IOP group and added another clinician. In that same year, Vegas Stronger™ further expanded its staff by hiring a full-time CFO. The organization is proud to continue expanding and offering uninterrupted service during a worldwide pandemic, all while perfectly adhering to government-mandated health regulations. We also expanded our community partnerships with sober living houses throughout the area and renewed our State Opioid Response grant to fund treatment for clients who do not have insurance.

Vegas Stronger™ served over 50 clients in 2020.

Since Vegas Stronger ™(501.c.3) has very little facilities / equipment costs, more than 90% of salaries and expenses go towards clinical programming for clients.*
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This is for anyone trying to survive in our urban desert, where access to drugs and alcohol is easily accessible 24/7. Vegas Stronger’s™ vision is to literally get people off the streets, and into a lifestyle of health, hope, and love.

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