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The year 2022 was a banner year for Vegas Stronger™. We opened a boxing gym in our facility and began a Partial Hospitalization Program which meets five days a week and another IOP group. We opened a boxing gym and ice bath available to anyone in the community as long as they are sober. We brought in part-time specialists (psychiatrist and nurse practitioner) who meet with clients weekly and Debra Leavitt, who now serves as the President of Vegas Stronger™. We also added a full-time Community Relations Liaison along with a Fitness and Horticulture Expert, and renewed our State Opioid Response grant to fund treatment for clients who do not have insurance.

In 2022 Vegas Stronger™ admitted 350 unique clients with a total of 384 admissions.

Since Vegas Stronger™ (501.c.3) has very little fundraising, more than 90% of salaries and expenses go towards clinical programming for clients.*

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This is for anyone trying to survive in our urban desert, where access to drugs and alcohol is easily accessible 24/7. Vegas Stronger’s™ vision is to literally get people off the streets, and into a lifestyle of health, hope, and love. seal
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