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Guest Post: Reducing the Harm of Opioids by Dave Marlon, PsyD, MBA, LADC-S, CPC-I, SAP

December 15, 2023

As a PsyD, LADC-S, and a person in long-term recovery (18+ years!) I originally looked at things like buprenorphine, Narcan (overdose reversal), and fentanyl test strips with skepticism. It was hard to see any benefit of moving someone with substance use disorder from one substance to another or enabling them to use in any way.

My initial intervention for anyone using opiates is to work very hard to separate them from the substance as my primary purpose.

While it remains my primary purpose to help people get off and stay off addictive substances, I understand that too many lives are list by not providing solutions that lower the harm of these drugs, as a hopeful step toward abstinence.

Vegas Stronger™ now has an array of providers that prescribe buprenorphine, and we hand out Narcan and fentanyl test strips daily.

When I speak to people who feel comfortable calling and coming to Vegas Stronger to get a free fentanyl test strip, I am truly meeting clients where they are at.

Too many of our children are dying from these powerful opioids being flooded into our city and I am grateful that Vegas Stronger is a place to truly save lives.

If you want to get clean – please come in, we’ll help you.  If you want to test your cocaine for fentanyl, come in, we’ll help you.  If you are a daily opioid user, please come by and get some Narcan to keep with you.

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