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French News TF1+ Airs Documentary Featuring Vegas Stronger

May 8, 2024

View the documentary and original story on TF1+.

Underground lives: they live in Las Vegas tunnels. Documentary: They are called the mole people. They live out of reach of the lights of the casinos and palaces of Las Vegas. We take you to a parallel world, where homeless people squat in the tunnels.

Las Vegas is the city of excess, vice and money king. Every year, 55 million visitors come to spend more than 42 billion euros in its hotels, restaurants and casinos. But under the lights of the Strip, the boulevard that crosses Vegas, there exists a parallel world where more and more homeless people survive by scrounging the crumbs from this temple of consumption.

Las Vegas is facing a scourge that is ravaging the United States, opioids, low-cost, very powerful and addictive synthetic drugs. They killed more than 106,000 people last year in the country. It's a descent into hell for hundreds of drug addicts who have lost everything.

Three or four times a year, torrential rains fall on Las Vegas. In a few minutes, the tunnels turn into torrents. Homeless people who do not get out in time are swept away and can drown. That evening, there will be around 1,500 sleeping in the darkness of the tunnels under the lights of Las Vegas.

This video extract comes from the replay of Sept à Huit, a weekly news and reports program broadcast on TF1 and presented by Harry Roselmack. 7 à 8 offers 3 to 4 reports on current news: politics, news, society or even international events.

View the documentary and original story on TF1+.

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