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Vegas Stronger™ Opens Never Quit Boxing Gym

August 17, 2022

Boxing is our core physical practice here at Vegas Stronger™, as Sin City reigns as the boxing capital of the world. We have recently established a “Never Quit” boxing gym styled with a raw industrial feel at our new facility, as we continue to expand our growing services as our client base increases. It serves as an adjunct service for our counseling clients, not open to the public.

The sport is a great way to improve one’s overall physical fitness, while challenging both the mind and body at the same time, in a proactive manner. The combat sport has been in play before the original Athens Olympic Games and has continued to evolve ever since. It's a great way to release stress in a healthy and safe environment.

Our Nonprofit Organization is honored to be supported by The Manny Pacquiao Foundation, UFC and Title Boxing. It is a wonderful feeling when the best of the best train at our Never Quit Boxing Gym along with beginners, despite the fact that we just opened. We work with boxers and interested boxers at all levels, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Pro boxer Ramon Montano serves as our head coach.

Our Vegas Stronger™ Never Quit Boxing Gym has a professional ring, multiple punching bags including heavy and speed bags, a double-end bag, focus mitts and more. It also features traditional gym equipment. Additionally, we hold exercise programs with conditioning training that offers calisthenics, running and jumping rope.

Vegas Stronger™ Founder Dave Marlon learned of the benefits of boxing when he spearheaded Solutions Recovery for over fifteen years and described, “I realized that boxing is a surprising beneficial modality, that helps all in early recovery deal with both the physical and mental aspects of healing.”

Vegas Stronger™’s 1st Anniversary Event held a 3 round bout boxing match with 6 fighters commissioned by the state of Nevada, which had a huge turnout. Some of the benefits of boxing are that it boosts whole body strength, betters balance, improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and decreases stress.

Head coach Ramon Montano added, “The sport promotes confidence, endurance, excursion, and camaraderie amongst all involved. I am so happy with the way our gym is shaping up, not only for our clients, but for our staff, volunteers and the pros that train with us. It is a great way to show our clients that there is fun after getting newly sober, as they learn to live free from alcohol and/or drugs.”

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