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Vegas Stronger™ Supports Sober Self-Sufficiency

July 5, 2022

Vegas Stronger™ is a unique nonprofit rehab organization located in the heart of Sin City that is dedicated to ending homelessness and treating addiction. We do not turn anyone away who is in need of help no matter what their socioeconomic or health insurance status may be. Simply put, we welcome all who are struggling with substance abuse. We offer a variety of treatment services including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), one-on-one counseling, therapy, group sessions, health and fitness, a sober bookstore, salon, 12-Step meetings, and a customized boxing gym, among other valuable resources.

In the recovery world, it is well known that you can literally “love” someone to death by enabling their lifestyle when dependent on drugs and/or alcohol. Regardless of if the addict has a high or low bottom, or somewhere in between, the better the chances one will seek treatment if faced with their own self-destructive consequences as soon as possible. If an active user is always being saved by someone else, many won’t be forced to face themselves and what they have become as a result of their addiction until it is too late.

Unfortunately, a solid number of rehab recipients work the system in order to qualify for disability under the guise of treatment. This setup does not help the person suffering from the depths of addiction or our social services. It acts as yet another financial incentive to be admitted to rehab for the wrong reasons, and financially hinders disability programs across the nation.

Government disability subsidies handed out under the facade of treatment can end up becoming another primary enabler of one’s disease and can act as a revolving door in and out of detoxes and rehabs. Our common goal that benefits both the afflicted and society at large, is to help all who made the commitment to get and remain in long-term sobriety. As a recipient successfully succeeds through treatment and recovery here at Vegas Stronger™, a natural progression towards self-sufficiency and self-esteem occurs, in addition to housing opportunities that arise in the process.

Vegas Stronger™ founder Dave Marlon explains, “The federal response to homelessness has been called Housing First. While I understand that this sounds compassionate and it sounds like the answer, those of us who are trained in counseling and behavioral health know why this is wrong. It’s wrong because it is proven and there is evidence showing that contingency-based treatment is more efficacious for treating people with substance use disorders.”

Vegas Stronger™ helps people get clean and sober while becoming self-supporting. We recognize that the thinking of using drugs and securing government payments is living in the disease of addiction as
opposed to living truly happy joyous and free, and the esteem that comes from being self-supporting. Here at Vegas Stronger™, we believe that government subsidies such as disability housing assistance only exacerbate the problem.

Dave Marlon added, “SAMSHA reports that over 80% of people experiencing homelessness have experienced a substance use disorder. As opposed to giving people a house to help address homelessness, we believe it makes more sense to provide immediate access to treatment. We are not saying they shouldn’t be housed; we believe it’s appropriate for people to be offered congregate living housing in shelters as opposed to being on the streets. While they are in the shelters, we will get them plugged into treatment. During their course of treatment when one complies, they end up progressing through the treatment and hopefully move from congregate living to sober living, to finally on their own. Let’s help everyone become Vegas Stronger™!”

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