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News3LV: 'I'm gonna make it happen,' Vegas Stronger helps the homeless find labor of love

March 29, 2024

KSNV News 3 Las Vegas came by Vegas Stronger recently to hear from one of our amazing alumni about his story, and what he's achieved after treatment! Watch the interview on NEWS3LV.

The city and several community organizations are working together to get homeless people off the streets and into a warm place to live. One man had turned his life around after help found him through the outreach program at Vegas Stronger. The community garden represents growth for the plants, but for Troy Goldsmith, it's his labor of love.

Less than 2 years ago, his life was much different. "I was homeless for over seven years," said Troy Goldsmith, facilities coordinator with Vegas Stronger. Living in the streets and canals of Las Vegas dealing with mental health challenges and substance abuse. Troy's new path began after being found by Vegas Stronger's outreach team. A group whose mission is to meet people where they are, in homeless encampments on the streets.

"Our outreach team are usually people with lived experience, who instead of a police officer with a gun and a badge saying 'You need to go get help,' which isn't very effective," said David Marlon, CEO & counselor with Vegas Stronger. Marlon says they get about 60 people coming in every week and about half are through their outreach team.

"If people have severe mental illness or if people have a severe substance use disorder, usually they're not willingly voluntarily coming to rehab to come get help," said Marlon. "Usually, they need some encouragement to be able to get access to resources."

That's when the help comes in. Goldsmith is just one example of the program's success. "I was finally directed to the program that Vegas Stronger has and was able to find housing, get my life together," said Goldsmith. On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council voted to approve $260,000 for Vegas Stronger to hire five more outreach team members and get more people the help they need.

"I'm Mr. Farmer, I'm gonna make it happen no matter what happens in the world," said Goldsmith. Now, Goldsmith is a year and seven months sober with a roof over his head and a job that keeps him smiling and on his toes.

4 comments on “News3LV: 'I'm gonna make it happen,' Vegas Stronger helps the homeless find labor of love”

  1. These People walk the walk. They helped me save my life. Darlene and Alex, no words are amazing enough to describe you both! What are powerful team!+!

  2. Thank you Jeanette for the kinds words.. I Love You the, and I Am So Proud Of You... 👏

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